What is Project AWAKE?

A W inning A nswer to a K ept E nvironment




Project AWAKE's mission is to promote appreciation and awareness of the environment in the Newton community, by planting trees and flower beds in public areas, AWAKE aims to stimulate citizens to make improvements on their individual properties and work toward an improved appearance. AWAKE encourages the preservation of open spaces, historical landmarks, and community planning to ensure the enjoyment and appreciation of nature for the next generations of Newton.

Since 1981, Project AWAKE has been an active force in the community and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Funding is provided solely from private donations from individuals and businesses, as well as grants from conservation and environmental groups. No tax dollars are used to support the organization.

Project AWAKE has planted thousands of trees since its creation in 1981. We have also created and maintained flower beds throughout the Newton community. In the early 1990's, Project AWAKE was the driving force in the restoration of the Rock Island Depot. Then in April 1996, the first tree was planted at the Arboretum which was then an empty field. The Arboretum has continued to be a work in process throughout the years. In May of 1999 the ground breaking of the Daniel J. Krumm Horticulture Center took place at the Arboretum. In 2000 an additional two acres was added to the Arboretum, for a total of six acres.

Project AWAKE appreciates all the support from the community throughout the years. Because the Arboretum and the Community Projects are a work in process, continued support is needed and appreciated.